School Leaving Certificate Exam after grade 12

16 June 2016 Source: The Kathmandu Post News

As the government prepares to replace four level of school education with two, the school leaving certificate examination will be held at the end of grade 12, instead of 10, starting next year in the exam's 82-year history, which may be named Higher School Leaving Certificate Examination.

The legislature parliament on Saturday endorsed the eight amendment bill to Education Act-1972, allowing restructuring of School education. As per the new legal provisions, the Higher Secondary Education Board and the SLC Examination Board will be replaced by the Central Education Board (CEB), which will conduct examinations both at the regional and central levels. Grade 10 exams will be made regional, most probably provincial, by the CEB and possibly renamed Secondary School Examination. Unlike at present, there will be no board exam for Grade 11. Respective schools will have the authority to conduct exams for the year. After early secondary schooling, students can take a Management, Science, Humanities, Technical education and any other streams like now.

In the new two level schooling, Grade 1-8 will be Primary and Grades 9-12 Secondary. The Government is preparing to start Technical and Vocational course from Grade 9.

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