Education bill to help resolve issues in school education: Minister Pokharel

17 June 2016 Source: RSS News

Babiyachaur (Myagdi): Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel today said that the education bill made to amend the Education Act - 2028 that is awaiting authentication by the President after its approval from the Legislature - Parliament would help resolve problems in school education.

Speaking at an interaction organised by the District Education Office in Myagdi, the minister said that the bill that will come into effect after being authenticated by the President would bring about changes and carry out reforms in school education.

The bill provisions that equal education should be ensured to all people, political activities be discouraged in school premises and all children would be provided with right to education.

Likewise, it has provisions to increase educational quality after addressing demands of school teachers and produce manpower that can compete with international market.

The bill further provisions that a school teacher cannot hold position in political party working committee and a teacher would be transferred only after five years of his or her service in a school.

Likewise, those temporary teachers serving for long will be given options—to fight for permanent status through internal competition or choose voluntary retirement with the golden handshake scheme.

"I have proposed to the Finance Ministry to release Rs 7 billion to end the issue of temporary teachers. Their demands will be sorted out in the first phase after making working procedure" he said.

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